Transforming Into Authenticity

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  1. 1.
    of undisputed origin; genuine.
    “the letter is now accepted as an authentic document”
    synonyms: genuine, real, bona fide, true, veritable; More

    I am sure you have heard the word before.. authentic. AKA transparent…aka be yourself… aka let everyone see the real you. And all of those are really good things, but you know what I recently discovered? The word authentic has been used to describe how we should be to OTHERS but what about to ourselves?

    Authentic- of undisputed origin… taste that for a moment… Of UNDISPUTED ORIGIN

    Are you living from a place of undisputed origin? Not for anyone else, but in direct connection to YOUR Heavenly origin?

    See, what I have found is that we have gotten really good at being “authentic and real” about certain things. But we have not figured out how to be truly authentic to ourselves.

    I am talking about making every day conscious decisions that are a reflection of our undisputed origin. From the very heart of God, there is a deep longing within us for SOMETHING. It is unique and personal for each one of us. But we often don’t do it.

    Scripture shares with us examples of those who missed living authentically to their true hearts. Martha’s heart longed for rest and peace at the feet of Jesus, but she instead was caught up doing all the work. We often relate to Martha because if we don’t do the practical stuff then who will? But Jesus called her out on the fact that she CHOSE to not sit at His feet. Which tells me that it’s okay to leave the “practical” to respond to the deepest longings of our hearts.

    It could be the passion for music that you have that you don’t ever tap into because there’s just too much other busy stuff in the way. It could be the relationships you settle for because you don’t believe you will ever get what’s truly in your heart.

    I share this tonight because we have bought into this place of denial that is afraid to go after the desires of our hearts. You can’t live authentically without first drawing near to your “undisputed origin” to ask what it is that He has placed within your heart to live out. But I am here to tell you that it is time to live authentically.  What is your heart calling out to you about?



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