Chandra Medina

Chandra Medina is a local author, life coach, minister and a single mom of three teenagers. She is active in her community living her passion of helping youth and empowering families.

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Mission Statement 


Chandra is a single mom and coach passionate about helping women; coaching them through spiritual and practical principles to find break through over the obstacles that stand between them and their destiny. Consider her your spiritual tour guide between where you are now and where you were created to be!


What Our Clients Are Saying…

“Chandra has empowered me to seek the Holy Spirit more frequently and have a living relationship with Him.  She is a powerful spiritual warrior and has helped me in my prayer life as well as my walk with the Lord. “


“Chandra has always displayed a high degree of integrity and a genuine care and commitment for me and others. She is a natural leader because she serves others. Chandra is one of the most committed people I have ever met—transparent, dependable and trustworthy, she is the kind of person who not only makes you feel completely comfortable being vulnerable but also has a way of offering hope in difficult circumstances.”


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Transforming Into Authenticity

Transforming Into Authenticity

au·then·tic ôˈTHen(t)ik/ adjective 1. of undisputed origin; genuine. "the letter is now accepted as an authentic document" synonyms: genuine, real, bona fide, true, veritable; More I am sure you have heard the word before.. authentic. AKA transparent...aka be...

A new season is about to be birthed…

I think one of the biggest myths we often buy into about this Christian walk is that we are magically going to transform into this majestic, holy being with all the answers to life instantly downloaded the moment we become Christian. But alas, there is no Holy Spirit...

The Beauty in the Letting Go…

So I am sitting here on the front porch of the place I'm staying in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. It's about noon, it's warm and a little humid but the breeze hits this spot just right. It's so quiet all I hear is the leaves blowing and the crickets chirping...with an...