About Chandra

Meet Chandra Medina

Empowerment, transformation and a free, authentic you are what I am most passionate about helping you achieve!
Genuine connection is a powerful healer. It’s extremely important to find a Life Coach from whom you feel authentic empathy, compassion and understanding for whatever you are going through. I have over ten years of various experience in the mental health field and have worked extensively with adolescents, families, individuals and couples though the years.
So what is the difference between coaching and therapy?Therapy is specifically geared to treat mental health issues such as depression, trauma and anxiety. Coaching is a more directive, mentoring approach to practical day to day issues that are NOT mental health related.My services are specifically geared towards life issues, people in sobriety and improving spirituality in order to master these areas. In coaching, you will get more of a mentor/ teacher type relationship.
No two people are the same, so you can be sure you will get a coaching program tailored for exactly where you are. I do not pretend to have all the answers. It is my personal belief that we all have the answers within us, but we sometimes need someone to come along side us and discover them.
I personally know how hard some storms can be and the powerful impact a great coach can have. The most courageous step one can take is making that first call.
Don’t wait!