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Meet Chandra Medina

Chandra Medina is a local author, life coach, minister and a single mom of three teenagers. She is active in her community living her passion of helping youth and empowering families. She is founder of the Spiritual Awakening women’s conference and author of Taking Back Our Children: A Parent’s Introduction to Spiritual Warfare. She continues to coach and minister to women, helping them find freedom and healing from their past, as well as discovering their purpose and destiny. 


Chandra’s biggest passion is to see the Kingdom of Heaven made manifest here on earth. She is absolutely in love with Jesus and everything connected to the Kingdom. Through a lifetime of  abusive relationships and what seemed like a never ending cycle of self destruction, God has restored her to a place in His love that has sparked a passion to help be a minister of that love to others. 


She loves to equip women, calling out their spiritual gifts, training them on the secrets of spiritual warfare and spiritual empowerment. You will find Chandra on a mission to empower God’s daughter’s through videos and one on one coaching bringing understanding of the Kingdom of Heaven and how to bring it to it’s full manifestation here on earth. 


Like what you see and hear? Invite Chandra to share her heart at  your next women’s  gathering or retreat!