A new season is about to be birthed…

I think one of the biggest myths we often buy into about this Christian walk is that we are magically going to transform into this majestic, holy being with all the answers to life instantly downloaded the moment we become Christian. But alas, there is no Holy Spirit pixie dust that does that!

See, if you want to grow spiritually, you need to be willing to get¬†comfortable with being uncomfortable. Every stretch past our comfort zone is an opportunity to put our money where our mouth is when it comes to this faith we say we have. There’s a difference between saying we believe something and actually living out what we say we believe.

We read in scripture that faith without works is dead (James 2:14-26). What James is telling us is that there is no point in going around talking about what you believe, listening to every sermon you can or reading every scripture about faith if you are not actually going to APPLY it!

Faith is not meant to just shine on Sundays, and it is not meant to just be declared when life is good. It’s meant to be lived out in even the littlest of things- through doubt, tears, frustration and even discouragement. Quite often we don’t REALLY believe what God says about us. I mean, in order to do so we would have to confront our beloved comfort zones, because we serve a God whose specialty is doing things above anything we can ask, think or imagine! He’s kind of an overachiever like that!

Do you believe that you are priceless? Do you believe that you are truly a gift to this world? Do you believe that you can really see your dreams come true? Well you are. I know it because HE says so, and we are in a season where He is birthing a new season in His beloved daughters to know Him so deeply that it breaks down every fear and doubt.

Ladies, it’s time to find your voice! It’s time to kick fear in the face! It’s time to step into the plans and purposes¬†that you were created for!



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